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EnviroOffice Suite -

Document Management Software
  • TIME IS MONEY! Eliminate lost time filing, locating, retrieving and distributing your documents the easy way, the virtual way.
  • puts you in control of receiving, organizing, archiving and distributing any SDS document whether it is inside your company or to your customers, paper based or electronic.
  • with a few clicks of the mouse you can scan, file, organize, locate, archive, view, print, fax or email.

  • manage virtual Libraries, Cabinets, Drawers, Folders and individual documents, each with it's own level of security!

  • the user-definable input form lets you control the storage of your files. (You can create up to 240 index fields per Library

EnviroMSDS -

Authoring and Management Software

  • EnviroMSDS allows EHS professionals to create, manage, deliver and track SDS for products in multiple languages and U.S. HazCom GHS, European GHS, Canadian GHS formats.

    EnviroMSDS provides you with a centralized repository for all of the SDS's you create and the SDS's you receive from your suppliers.  

    With it's world class powerful features, EnviroMSDS is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to own.


  • allows you to add or modify new information on the fly, as well as maintain Working, Approved, and Archived copies of your work.

  • allows you to translate your SDS into virtually any language.

  • includes the GHS, DOT, EEC, WHMIS and TDG hazard symbols.

  • the Phrase Library, the core of your SDS information, manages your company's standard phrases and develops a centralized repository that may be shared by other sources outside of EnviroMSDS. The Phrase Library comes pre-loaded with the GHS, ANSI and R&S (European Risk and Safety) phrases.





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