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Corporate Profile


 Our History 

Lighthouse Software, Inc. began as New Innovations Software in 1992. Currently based in Pueblo West, Colorado.  Lighthouse Software, Inc. specializes in developing products for regulatory compliance and the environmental industries. Lighthouse Software was founded in 1992 in response to a national demand for computer solutions to solve many of the issues resulting from federal regulations on businesses and industries of all types and sizes.

Our Philosophy

 Lighthouse Software employs a unique solution to system design based on dedication to the customer and complete client satisfaction.    Consequently, Lighthouse is very responsive in tailoring products to meet client-specific needs.  Because of the customer-oriented approach, Lighthouse solutions today will be the right choice for your company’s future needs.  The result is advanced solutions offering streamlined efficiency and savings in time and cost.

Our Products 

Current Lighthouse Software tools and services assist organizations in authoring, managing, and distributing Material Safety Data Sheets, Labels, and other documents required under OSHA, EU Directives, and other regulatory bodies worldwide.  In addition to regulatory compliance, Lighthouse Software is concerned with the health and safety of all employees and consumers of our business partners worldwide.  Therefore, Lighthouse is proud of the role we play in providing world class, best-of-breed software products to the chemical, pharmaceutical, and related industries.

Our Customers 

Lighthouse Software has worked with an extensive list of clients including government agencies, local businesses, and national corporations.  We currently support clients in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Lighthouse Software’s client list includes companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, health care, banking, accounting, legal, and other related industries.


Our Company

 Our Mission

Lighthouse Software’s mission is to build life-long customer relationships through shared success.

Our Vision

Lighthouse Software’s vision is to be recognized by our customers as a model of excellence for software and service industries.  Our vision is based on the goal of deliver unparalleled service.  To accomplish this, we will act as pioneers, approaching every task with creativity and innovation.  We will continually strive to improve and deliver business solutions inspired by the voice of our customers.

Our Guiding Principles

There is a set of guiding principles which DRIVE Lighthouse Software’s operating philosophies.


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V irtue

E xcellence



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