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EnviroOffice Manager Screen Shot...EnviroMSDS Multilingual Authoring System  


... enables you to generate an SDS into a true HTML or PDF formats.


...the Chemical Database stores all of your chemical information concerning specific ingredients. Fully expandable, you can include all of the chemical information that you wish. You can add, modify, and save new chemical/component information as needed. Search and locate specific ingredients by CAS number, chemical name, common name, or synonym.

...the Customer Database stores specific information about your customers. Expand the database to include all the information you need on your customers. Set security levels for adding and modifying customer information as necessary. Search and locate a specific customer by customer ID number, customer name or contact person at the primary address. A Ship-to database manages unlimited shipping locations for the primary customer.

...the Manufacturer Database stores your company information - and it expands to include all the information that you wish. Have all of your sites, plans, divisions, etc. at your fingertips.

...the Phrase Library, the core of your SDS information, manages your company's standard phrases and develops a centralized repository that may be shared by other sources outside of EnviroMSDS. The Phrase Library comes pre-loaded with the GHS, ANSI and R&S (European Risk and Safety) phrases.

Hazard Symbols

...included with EnviroMSDS are the DOT, EEC, GHS and WHMIS hazard symbols.


... has 4 levels. Level 1 grants all access. Level 2 cannot access the security system but accesses all other parts of the system. Level 3 uses all of the system but cannot approve an SDS or access the security system. Level 4 is a view-only level. The system has a user log-on screen with User Name and encrypted Password protection.

Definable Customer Delivery

... allows you to predefine your customers preferred delivery method (print, fax or file output). Include our optional Auto-Pilot module and you can have "hands-free" automated customer delivery of all your SDS.

Ad-hoc Report / Label Writer

... the Report / Label Writer allows you to design and save your own custom queries (e.g. you could find all SDS that have a Flash-Point of 10 ºC, or locate all products that contain ingredients listed under Proposition 65). Search and retrieve information from virtually any field in EnviroMSDS.

Additional modules

Language Assistant™

... allows you to translate your SDS into virtually any language.

SDS / Hazard Labels - Language Phrase Modules

...Lighthouse Software offers GHS, ANSI, R&S (European Risk and Safety) phrases for use in authoring SDS and Hazardous Labels. Click here to learn more.

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