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The power of EnviroOffice Manager puts you in control of receiving, organizing, archiving and distributing any document whether it is inside your company or to your customers, paper based or electronic. With a few clicks of the mouse you can scan, drag and drop, file, organize, locate, archive, view, print, fax or email.

Manage virtual cabinets, drawers, folders and single documents: all of these are at your fingertips with EnviroOffice Manager. The user-definable input form lets you control the storage of your files. TIME IS MONEY! Eliminate lost time filing, locating, retrieving and distributing your documents the easy way, the virtual way.

EnviroOffice Manager was designed for ease of use. If you can use Windows Explorer, you can use EnviroOffice Manager

Here are just some of the features of EnviroOffice Manager:

  • Organize all of your documents with custom definable properties.
  • Manage your incoming faxes.
  • Locate any of your documents with EnviroOffice Manager's powerful search engine.
  • Share information corporate wide.
  • User definable fields for Custom indexing and searching.
  • Preview, Print, Fax, Email over (LAN), (WAN), Intranet / Internet.
  • Scan to the InBox of your choice.
  • Unlimited Archive with Rollback capabilities.
  • Import any file type (from disk, CD, Internet, email, hard copy, etc...).
  • Cover letter designer.
  • Schedule document distribution.
  • Custom definable Address Book.
  • Auto-Tracking - Document Tracking.
  • Defined distribution for each recipient.
  • AutoSend* - Automate document distribution (print, fax or email with Document Tracking) via external system. (e.g.  AS400, SAP, etc...)
  • Security Levels 1-4.
  • Database Wizard.
  • View multiple Databases at same time.
  • Create Shortcuts for same document (allows for multiple references).
  • Merge mixed file formats to create single document.
  • Field Selector for dragging and dropping fields from/to properties pane.
  • Drag and Drop of Column headers in properties pane.
  • and much more...

* denotes 'optional' feature

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel 486/25-based PC or higher
  • Microsoft® Windows™ 95 / NT 3.51 / 4.x / 2000 / XP
  • 16Mb of memory (32Mb recommended)
  • 50Mb hard disk space
  • VGA graphics card and monitor (SVGA recommended)
  • Microsoft mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Twain Compatible Scanner (needed for DocScan)

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