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EnviroOffice Suite can handle all of your document needs ...
Incoming documents
Outgoing documents
  • capture paper documents with your scanner
  • or drag and drop E-Files into any folder of your choice.
  • Index with keywords or with your custom defined index fields
  • or automatically using barcode or OCR recognition
  • or with automatic transfer of index information from EnviroMSDS with AutoImport.
  • Use EnviroOffice Suite's Auto-Revision and Auto-Archive to maintain a complete lifetime history of a document.
  • Schedule outgoing documents with EnviroOffice Suite's Outbox Scheduler
  • to any number of contacts in EnviroOffice Suite's Address Book.
  • Use EnviroOffice Suite's Auto-Tracker to track Who, What, When, Where and How a document was sent.
  • Create custom cover letters with EnviroOffice Suite's Cover Letter Designer.
  • Use EnviroOffice Suite's AutoSend add on module to connect to any external system (e.g. Order entry) to automate the delivery process.

... any document you need to manage ...

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Medical records
  • Human resource files
  • Insurance records
  • Student records
  • Sales materials
  • Proof of Delivery documents
  • SDS and other safety materials
  • And a host of others...

... even technical documents ...

Technical regulations
Large-format drawings and maps
  • can be scanned up to E-size
  • can be scanned from aperture cards
  • or CAD files can be converted into TIFF format
  • or can also be stored in their original formats


Internal standards, working procedures, patent documents, etc...

  • Get Compliance Confidence
  • Assists in Right To Know compliance [29 CFR1200(g)(8))]
  • Reduce liability risk by increasing accessibility and reliability of SDS's
  • Archive feature allows documents like SDS to be stored for required 30 years [29 CFR 1910.20]
  • even instructional audio and video files can be made available to anyone .

... and everything can be found very easily ...

  • In a few seconds you will see any document on your screen.
  • With searches such as SDS Number, document name, date, document type, keywords or any other index criteria, you can find any document with the highest accuracy.
  • Multiple employees can have access to the same document.
  • Displaying and printing can be performed at any workstation.
  • Faxing or E-mailing can be initiated directly from any PC.

... and can be stored and distributed externally ...

  • For backup and final storage, documents can be stored on CD-ROM., on demand with database and retrieval software.
  • Complete file cabinets with database and can be recorded on a CD-ROM and can be made available to your branches or your sales people for mobile computing on a notebook.

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